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  • Custom website plans for your business
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  • Mobile Friendly – SEO Optimized – Fast Speed – Quality Design
  • A new modern and sleek looking website
  • Free proposal & consultation before you join

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Small Business Websites

¬†Just like the front doors to your storefront or the uniforms of your employees, your website says a lot about who you are. A poorly designed website can turn away potential customers. It doesn’t matter how great your marketing efforts are if your website turns any potential customer away.

A well designed website that is also mobile friendly can make a huge difference for online conversions. Get a custom made website that doesn’t break the bank. A new website may be exactly what you need to help get new customers and convert them when they get there.

Mobile Friendly | SEO Optimized | Speed | Quality Design

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Fast Turnaround Time:

A new website shouldn’t take longer than it needs to. Our efficient team of programmers can create a quality website from your input in under 30 days.

SEO Optimized & Mobile Friendly:

Your website will be SEO optimized making it a perfect fit for your ongoing SEO or content marketing efforts. The website is also mobile friendly adding to it’s SEO optimization and making it better for overall user experience.


of users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less


of web traffic is done using mobile devices.


of users say that a non mobile friendly website is a sign the company doesn’t care.

My Process

Before I take you on as a customer I will provide a full site audit and custom quote. This allows me to ensure that I can provide you value but also gives you insight into your website free of charge.

The site audit allows me to personally review your website and it’s current SEO strength and weaknesses. From this audit I determine if my work can be of value to your business. I do not take on customers who I feel would not benefit largely from my services.

After the audit is complete I provide you with a free consultation. I allow you to ask any question and I will provide an answer as best I can. The consultation will include the positives and negatives from my audit while also giving over pricing plans and competition.

If you agree to work with me I will create a 6 Month roadmap. This is as much for you as it is for me. The roadmap lays out the activities I will do each month focusing on the high value actions first.

The roadmap itself can and often does change after a couple months of work as the SEO landscape changes.

With the roadmap as my guide you can rest assured that I am completing the high value and high impact items first to bring quickest results.