About Andrew Eagar

Co-founder Andrew Eagar has been in the digital marketing space since 2008. Since then Andrew has mostly been working with small and local SEO businesses. He is a local business advocate and enjoys helping small businesses with digital marketing.

Marketing Experience

Starting in 2008 Andrew worked at an SEO training company where he helped teach small businesses about SEO. Later Andrew went to work at a large SEO agency where he helped create the SEO offering and product of several partners for their local customers.

All the while Andrew had a small set of businesses he managed on a part time business before finally deciding to build his own local SEO product that included all the best parts of the many products he has helped build over the years.

A Family Man

After spending all day at work helping small businesses increase their digital presence Andrew goes home to his beautiful wife Brecken and his newborn daughter Abby. Like many small business owners Andrew takes great pride in his work and loves his job, but loves spending quality time with his family more.

Hobbies include SEO (yes, seriously), blog writing, blog reading, Audible, piano playing (not the well), biking, hiking and chess

About Andrew Eagar Consulting

Andrew Eagar Consulting is a digital marketing agency focused on local and small businesses. Created because we felt small businesses weren’t getting the personal care and attention they deserved from larger SEO agencies.

Big Agency Experience

The Big agencies have some advantages such as proven processes, range of talent and general efficiency. We know because co-founder Andrew Eagar help create the SEO offerings of some of the largest agencies in North America. Taking from that experience Andrew was able to bring the benefits of processes and efficiency to our customers.

Small Agency Feel

Many large agencies lack the time or ability to provide the attention and level of detail that many small business owners need. Effective digital marketing is more than just doing tasks month after month. We feel it should be a partnership that can only take place if the digital marketer has the experience and time to spend with your business.

SEO You Can Trust

SEO and all other facets of digital marketing require a whole lot more than just knowing the tasks. Not only do we know how to market your business, but we know how Google thinks and can better ensure that the tasks we employ today will last for the lifetime of your business. In other words, we only employ white-hat tactics.

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