My 4 Years at Boostability

Today, May 1st marks the 4 year anniversary of my work at Boostability. There are anniversaries for nearly every major event, marriage & birthdays being the most popular of course. One of the less popular celebratory anniversaries is your work anniversary. I am sure many people don’t think of celebrating every year they work at their company, but I do.

The four years I have been at Boostability have been some of the very best. I can’t say that every moment was pure we’re going to Disneyland joy, no, I have had my fair share of late nights, lunchless days, high demands, thankless work, difficult coworkers and the list goes on. Those gloomy moments however are easily overshadowed by the great moments.

Below are the top 4 reasons why I will be staying at Boostability for four more years (and beyond).

Incredible growth

When I started at Boostability 4 years ago there were 50-60 employees company wide. We had around 900 paying customers paying anywhere from $50-$500/mo. We definitely considered ourselves a startup with very few processes and a lot of shooting from the hip. Fast forward 4 years and we are nearly 500 employees strong with nearly 20,000 customers and growing. That is 10x growth in employees and 40x growth in accounts in only 4 years!

Small Boostability

Big Boost


The growth aspect of Boostability is what originally attracted me to the company. As a young man with big ambitions I wanted a place that I could grow in. Boostability is like a chia pet that not only grew, but grew fast. Boostability’s growth is the biggest reason why I will stay for many more years to come.


Coupled with the incredible growth comes opportunity. For those of you who know me, opportunity means a whole lot more to me than most anything else, including money. Boostability is not short on the opportunities it provides employees. If you are smart and work hard there is no end to the opportunity Boost will give.

4 years ago I started as an Account Manager managing their lowest spend customers, which at the time was customers paying $50/mo. Throughout my four year experience I have had a total of 5 different positions, each one being bigger and better than the one previous. Each new position provided increased my opportunity and influence.

The People

My four years at Boostability have provided me an opportunity to meet some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Fortunately for me, my roles have giving me an opportunity to meet many employees in different departments. I don’t know how Boostability did it, but they found the very best people of Utah & Salt Lake Counties and made them employees.

Just a couple weeks ago I had an open position on my team which required me to interview many internal candidates. I interviewed around twenty different employees from almost every department. While conducting the interviews I was greatly impressed with each candidate. After the interviews I thought to myself, Andrew, if the employees you interviewed are any indication of the rest of Boostability employment (which I know they are) then Boostability is in great hands. I don’t know how Boostability did it, but they have all great employees.


Boostability provides a lot of benefits to its employees. Having been here for 4 years I have seen the company add many new benefits to it’s employees. Now, I am not talking about your normal benefits like reasonable vacation days, 401K contribution, Insurance, HAS contribution or any of that. I am talking about some of the smaller or less common benefits.

Things like:

  • Team Lunch: now this might be a benefit of my team, but I put it down because come on…it’s free food!
  • My Own Desk Space: may not seem like a big deal, but I like my space and I love 3 monitors…I need my desk space!
  • Closeness to Home: This might be specific to me, but I love the 8min drive to work…LOVE it!
  • Schwag: If you’ve been around as long as I have you tend to get quite a bit of schwag. I am talking about pens, water bottles, sunglasses, shirts, coats, blankets, etc. I love it all.
  • Education: If desired employees can attend local SEO conferences for free, boost also provides onsite training on subjects like Excel, Zumba, diets, management, etc.
  • Company Movies: One of my favorite benefits is to see popular movies opening day with the entire company. Movies like Spiderman and the Avengers are at the top of that list.
  • Fun Culture: Boost is full of happy employees. There is a general culture of fun and humor.
  • Executive Openness: Executives have an open door policy. Anytime an employee wants to talk with an executive they can and are respected and even applauded for doing so.
  • Company Parties: Aside from the movies Boostability holds some of the best parties I have ever been to. Christmas is full of prizes and fun, and the summer parties are full of exciting activities and well…PRIZES!

Boost Party

  • Chance to Build Your Brand: Boostability allows employees to become experts in the industry by allowing them to guest post on the company blog. They are encouraged to increase their own personal brand.

The list goes on. Overall I think you can tell that my 4 year experience at Boostability has been a great one. I recommend anyone with a hard working attitude to consider starting a career at Boostability.