Why is Weather so Easy to Talk About

As I was in the elevator going to my floor I was standing next to a woman I have never met.  Now, I am the type of person that I have to force myself to talk to random people.  I don’t know why it is so hard for me.  I can speak infront of dozens of people without a problem, but when it comes to talking with a random person I struggle.  So, in order to step out of my shell and while standing in the elevator, I decided to talk to the woman next to me.

The only thing I can think of to say is “crazy weather huh?”  As I said it, I thought to myself, “how lame, is that the best you could come up with?”  To my surprise the woman I was standing next to jumped right into the conversation.  All the sudden the trip to the elevator wasn’t long enough.  We had something in common and we wanted to keep talking about it.  It was after this incident that I realized how easy it was to use weather as a ice breaker

So, why is it so easy to talk about the weather?  I have broken it up into these points:

  1. Everyone deals with weather.  It doesn’t matter your gender, race, background, or anything, you deal with weather.  Since everyone deals with weather it is the single best ice breaker.
  2. Like it or not, you have a passion about weather.  If it is too hot, too cold, or just right, you and everyone around you has a passion about weather.
  3. Weather knows no bounds.  In each state I talk to people who claim that their state has the craziest weather of all states.  They say something like, “if you like the weather now, wait 5 minutes”.

So, If you are struggling to find something to say and you want to reach out to the many strangers like I do, then feel free to talk about the weather.  You would be surprised about how easy it works.